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The ValleyScott Blog wants to be a place where people in the Sex Work Community can turn for help.  If you or someone you know needs financial assistance due to a crisis, please contact us so we can post about it and direct people to where they can help.

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We want to highlight brands and services that promote a Sex Work Positive message, that support Sex Workers, and/or are owned & operated by Sex Workers.  If you or someone you know has a business or brand that fits this description, let us know.  





=====Site Highlights:=====

Spotlight: Injustice

This post takes a look at the injustice faced by Sex Workers by sharing the story of two ladies who were arrested in recent “anti-sex trafficking” stings. Please read & share their story.

Website Reviews

One of the most popular features on The ValleyScott Blog are the reviews of various websites that are used by the community. Go to Website Reviews to read them.  These reviews have been viewed over 10,000 times and helped thousands of Sex Workers and Clients find the websites they need.

Spotlight: Sabrina Luv

Take a look inside the world of a premier provider.  Miss Sabrina opens up about her work, her struggles, and her favorite parts of being an FBSM provider. click here






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Advertising on The ValleyScott Blog takes two forms.  Some ads are placed her by the hosting service.  But featured ads in the sidebar (generally in blue boxes) are direct ads that support the Blog.  The VSB chooses to only allow ads from businesses that are owned, operated, or fully support Sex Workers/sex work.  We support the brands that support and involve our community.  Ads are not, however, for illicit or sexual services.

Gender Terms

It is our desire for this site and its content to be inclusive of the entire CTS Community, however, for the ease of discussion certain gender terms will generally be used due to their overall prevalence in the community.  Clients will mostly be referred to in the masculine since the majority of CTS clients are men.  And providers will generally be referred to in the feminine since the majority of CTS providers are women (or identify as women).  This is in no way meant to be discriminatory or to disregard others within the community.  To read more please read A Note on Gender Terms . Thank you.


Providing sexual acts in exchange for money is a violation of the law in many jurisdictions. While we at The ValleyScott Blog disagree, in principle, with these laws and would like to see Sex Work decriminalized, this website and blog does not exist for the promotion of illegal activities. This is a place for the open discussion of the realities of Consensual Transactional Sex. No illegal activities are advertised on this site. An admission of participating in such activities is an act of Free Speech and Expression, covered and allowed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Talking or writing about past experiences is not a crime.