Answering Your Questions (part 1)

As more people have been reading my blog I have started to get some questions. People want to know about me, my intention for the blog, what I think about the future of CTS, etc. From here on out I think I will take a day each week to answer some questions. If you have any, please ask in a comment or send me an email. You don’t even have to give your name.

Here are the first ones:

“Do you think your blog will make a difference?”— “Dave”

I hope so. But there is really no way to tell.
I am trying to be as honest as I an be. But will it change peoples opinions about the world of Consensual Transactional Sex (CTS)? Only if they read this blog. And read it with a desire to gain understanding.
It may be too much to ask for people to read it with an open mind. True objectivity and openness are rare. But curiosity and and a desire to understand things—that we can work with.


“Do you think FOSTA/SESTA will be repealed or struck down by the courts?” — Anonymous.

I do not. At least not any time soon. I think we will be dealing with FOSTA for years to come. I do think it is likely that there will be lawsuits and court rulings that will created judicial guidance in how the law is enforced. And the recent Supreme Court ruling on deportations of noncitizen criminals is interesting, since the Court ruled that those laws were too vague. That could have implications for other vague laws—like FOSTA. I do think the courts will end up limiting how this law can be used, since too broad an application will violate the First Amendment. If the courts narrow the scope of the law down to actual human trafficking, then we might see some real changes. But it could still take years for the courts to decide.


“Are you putting yourself at risk for writing this blog?” — “Bella”

Good question. No. . . Maybe. . . Yes. . . Oh hell, I don’t know!
I would hope that the First Amendment provides me with plenty of protection to speak my mind. But these days, it’s hard to tell. And do you know what? I’m okay with that. If someone in the government wants to come after me for this blog, I’m fine with that. It may be just the kind of fight that we need in order to restore some common sense to the law when it comes to CTS. This blog provides me with a small platform to speak from. A courtroom would give me a larger one. But I doubt it will ever come to that. So I will continue to speak freely and openly about my community and what we do, though I will always be diligent to protect others within it from harm.


Keep the questions coming. I’d love to answer many more. Maybe someday we can even set up a live chat for those who like this blog. That could be fun.


  1. Who is this Sabrina Love chic,
    You speak about, and is she part of the adult industry?
    Why does she do what she does,?
    What makes her, the person she really is?
    who she is?
    Why is she always on your mind “Deep Dark Secret”

    • Those are good questions, DDS. Perhaps I can get Miss Sabrina to do a sit-down interview and share about herself. She is a awesome and fascinating woman.

      • I would luv to some day. Just ask when we can always do it through Duo as well it’s a live video chat.
        Sabrina luv
        Muah 💋

        • I would love to have you share. I would also love to share our story that you referenced in the other comment. The story of your leg. (Now that sentence is going to make some people curious!!!)

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