Growing, Connecting, and Support

Hello my friends.

This has been a fun ride so far, and I am looking forward to what is to come.

I did not set out to become an activist for the CTS community.  I never planned on becoming a leader.  But that is what has happened to me.  And I feel a responsibility to embrace these roles.  As such, I am working to grow my online presence and connect with more people.  The first steps in doing that involve branching out in Social Media.  Here are my Social Media pages, please connect with me on these and share my blog with others: @Valleyscott

Instagram: @thevalleyscottblog

Facebook: The ValleyScott Blog

Twitter: @valleyscottblog

I am posting up announcements about by blog on these sites, as well as other news that I find fit to share.  Please like/follow me on any of these that you use.  And please share about my blog on these sites.  Help me to grow this thing!

Growth does come at a bit of a cost.  A big goal I have right now is to transition my blog to it’s own domain name.  But this costs a little bit of money.  So does expanding my content.  I need to travel to other areas in order to bring all of you interviews and reports on people and events that are away from my home area.  Website hosting and travel fees can add up quickly.  As a result, I am asking for your support.

I have created a page on Patreon where my readers can help me out with financial support by becoming Patrons.  Patrons will recieve Special Content as a thank you for their support.  This content will include bonus material from interviews (some of the more naughty bits), Exclusive Posts about special topics, and access to live chats with me (and some Special Guests too!).

So please go to my Patreon page and help me out if you can:

I honestly am not a person who is comfortable asking for money, but I desire to make this blog be the best it can be.  And that requires some financial resources to do.  I want to thank everyone for there continued support, regardless of any financial support.  You help make this blog happen.  Please continue to read, share, like, follow, etc.  Help me spread these stories and thoughts across the Internet.  Thank you all.