Intimidated by Her Beauty

I recently—and not for the first time—had a hobbyist tell me that he did not see a particular sex worker because he was “intimidated by her beauty”. It is something I’ve heard many times over the years. Such an odd thing in the world of Consensual Transactional Sex, and yet it happens.

Let’s face it, a fairly significant portion of the men who play in CTS are. . . average is looks. Myself included. We are not turning ladies heads when we walk by. Many of us are fairly average in most other ways as well. We are not the kind of men that can go to places where models and other “beautiful people” hang out and get the attention of the ladies. And this is one of the reasons we participate in this little hobby of ours. To attain that which is otherwise unattainable.

I am sure that many of the more experienced hobbyists will look at a statement of “intimidated by her beauty” and laugh. Some might scoff at such a sentiment. Perhaps assume that the gentleman in question is a rookie, a “newbie”. Maybe he is. But we were all new to this at one time.

And even now, I can understand this sentiment of being “intimidated by her beauty”.

Truth is, there are some women in CTS who are stunningly beautiful. Looking at their pictures it can just seem too good to be true that an “average” hobbyist might get to enjoy the companionship of such a woman. Or perhaps it can feel that only the elite hobbyist would be able to see her, not an average client like me. I can look at some of these ladies and have these thoughts. This could easily lead a man to be too intimidated to make an appointment.

The same can be true of the ladies who have awesome reputations. There are some ladies who have attained a status as local legends in their regions. Everyone knows their names, knows their pictures. Everyone wants to see them, but many guys won’t do it. For some, they are just too intimidated by her reputation. They wonder if they can live up to the standards that such a legendary provider might have.

In reality, this is all hogwash. Silliness. Stupidity.

These ladies are professionals. Many of them love what they do. This is especially true of the “legends”. They understand the world of CTS far better than most of the men, including the veteran hobbyists.

And they are very welcoming of the “average” guy. Or even the guy who might be below average. These ladies really don’t judge a guy based on looks. At least not professionally. They are not worried about a man’s looks when he books an appointment with them.

The true professional sex worker—especially those who society would deem to be very beautiful—understand that they are part of a client’s fantasy. And that fantasy is often about being with a woman that would normally be untrainable to a given man. Such a professional will make a client feel as though she is the perfect match for him. That is part of what she does.

There really is no need for any prospective client to ever be “intimidated by beauty” (or reputation). If fact, we clients should be enthralled by beauty, captivated and inspired by it. Live the dream. Make the fantasy a reality.


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