Answering Your Questions #6

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are doing another round of Answering Your Questions. A chance for you to ask what you want and for me to tell you what I think. I do enjoy these.

“I see many providers state ‘I do this for fun’, and that they have a civvie job. Is that really true?” — Ledbetter

So, I have seen this many a time as well. Asking of it is true really brings up a number of questions and issues. There is a bit of a preconceived notion in society that only desperate or abused women take part in Sex Work. Many in society believe that no woman would really WANT to be a sex worker. And asking if the statements you have seen are true means that those social preconceptions have influenced you as well, Mr. Ledbetter. But I don’t find any fault in you for that.

Yes, these statements can be very true. They can also be lies. But I have often found that they are not. I know many providers who really do this because they enjoy it. Some are full-time sex workers, others only part-time. But they choose to earn income through sex because they truly enjoy it. It fulfills certain needs they have in addition to the financial ones. Many sex workers do have regular “civvie” jobs. They can range from minimum wage jobs to high-paying career work.

When I see a lady post that she just does this for fun or that she really enjoys it, I take her at her word until proven otherwise. In fact, I prefer ladies who say this. I would rather spend my time with a sex worker who loves what she does than one who is doing what she has to. It’s more fun that way—at least in my experience.

“What is the most extreme thing you have ever done as a hobbyist?” — Robert

Now that is a rather personal question. Wow. Okay. Most extreme thing I’ve done as a hobbyist:

Tandem skydiving, mid-air coitus with a sex worker.

Yeah, that was a rush. Sex while in free-fall. Hard to accomplish, but where there’s a will there’s a way. All about the angles and having the right harness set-up. And if you believe that, I have some ocean-view property in Nebraska I’d like to sell you.

I don’t do extreme. I’ve done plenty of “extreme” things in my life and have plenty of injuries to show for it. I like my sex safe and clean and non-life threatening. I’m nit into fetish play either. Nothing against it. Just not my thing.

“What is your opinion on AMP’s/AAMP’s? Are they safe? Do you use them?” — Mr. Kennedy

Asian Massage Parlors (AMP’s) and Apartment Asian Massage Parlors (AAMP’s) are among the most easily accessible and affordable parts of “the Hobby”. And possible among the worst.

I’m going to be doing a larger post about these in July, so I will keep this short for now.

I do not have a high opinion of these places, despite the fact that for a few years I was a frequent customer. My mistake. I am hesitant to include them under the umbrella of “Consensual Transactional Sex” because there can be issues with consent due to the reality that many women in these establishments are victims of human trafficking and are not really willing participants (hence a lack of consent).

I think they are best avoided for quality reasons, as well as legal and ethical reasons (and no, the irony of that statement is not lost on me). Truth is, a hobbyist can do far better with a true professional sex worker than at an AMP or AAMP.

“Will Miss Heather be writing any more blog posts for The ValleyScott Blog?” — “D”

I am excited to say that, YES, Miss Heather Rioux will be continuing to contribute to The ValleyScott Blog. She has agreed to begin posting once a month about Health & Wellness Issues related to the CTS community. Look for her posts on the second Wednesday of each month. (And if we are really lucky, she will decide to post more often—but that is her choice!)

Keep those questions coming!


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