Profiteering (FOSTA part 5)

In the chaos that FOSTA left behind it was inevitable that some would try to profit off of the hardships of others.  This is an unfortunate part of the human condition.  Some people are always looking to take advantage of others.

Since the fall of BP and the FOSTA-related shut-downs of so many other sites and services we have seen many new sites pop up.  Many of them have been quickly revealed to be garbage sites looking to earn a quick buck.  Other sites that have remained from before FOSTA have changed how they do business.  One site, Erotic Monkey, went from being free to use to charging all users a hearty access (membership) fee.  Most people I know have agreed that Em was hardly worth it when free, so they were definitely not going to pay!

But there were also numerous new sites that started up and declared themselves as being in support of the community, and especially as being “pro-sex worker”.  These sites promised to not fall into the patterns of old sites and vowed that they would not being taking advantage of providers.  They promised to work FOR the sex worker community, not against it.

Unfortunately, it seems that promise is on the verge of being broken.

It had been my hope that these new sites would be different than the old.  That they held the promise to improve our community, not to take advantage of it.  And I still have that hope with some of the sites.  But not all.

As so many have likely heard, the website PrivateDelights (PD) has decided to increase it’s advertising rates.  And it is no small increase.  It has been reported that posting for a single day in some cities could soon cost $70.  And that it could be $240 for a month to use the site in those places.  This is completely unacceptable.

I hold out hope that this is all just a mistake or misunderstanding.  But I fear it is actually just the beginning of a site looking to make some serious profit off of sex workers.  I had previously been told by one of the people behind PD that their goal was to build up and support our community, especailly the providers.  Not it seems their goal is to make a bunch of money.

I full well understand the need to have funding to run a website.  My own small site here takes a certain amount of funding to keep going.  But it isn’t much.  I cannot percieve that PF cost that much money to operate.  AS such, this just seems like profiteering on their part.  IF these numbers are accurate, PD is looking to gain tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.  I find that to be somewhat ridiculous.

The ValleyScott Blog stands behind sex workers and will do what we can to help.  We support sex workers.  And we urge all users of PD to stand together and oppose this move.

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  1. No wonder I have noticed providers stop using it lately. Those fees sound ridiculous! Too bad since of everything out there PD looked the most promising. Thanks for reporting this!

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