Answering Your Questions #11

Round 11 of Answering Your Questions:
“So Mr. Valley, what is your favorite sex position?” — PsyLckr

That’s a bit personal, but I’ll answer. My favorite is “Cowgirl”. I’m a very tactile guy. I like to touch. I love running my fingertips over a lady’s body. I like to explore with my hands. So Cowgirl allows me to do this with a lot of freedom. Plus it providers a great view of a beautiful lady. Sex can be fun in many different positions, but that’s my personal favorite.
“I watched the whole interview you did with Sabrina Luv and it was very interesting. She was very open with you about a lot of things and I think we (your followers) benefitted from that. Do you think you will be able to get other sex workers to be this open in future interviews, or do you think it was mostly your friendship with Sabrina that made that happen? PS- Thanks to Sabrina for answering my question!” — Renee

That is a good question. Sabrina is naturally a person who likes to share with others. A true “giver” you might say. Combine that with the good relationship we share and you have a great foundation for a very open and honest interview. I do think that my friendship with Sabrina did help create a good situation.

But I do think that I will be able to have good interviews in the future with other Sex Workers. Partly this is because of my personality. I’m pretty good at sitting down and talking with people and getting them to relax and be open with me. Also, I would think that anyone who agrees to do an interview is going to be someone who WANTS to share. I certainly don’t want to be trying to conduct an interview with an unwilling participant.

So I do think that you will get to see more interviews that are open and honest on this site in the future. First thing I have to do is find the right person to interview. Anyone have any suggestions?
“I really liked the interview with Sabrina Luv and I hope you do some more interviews like that. It was cool to learn more about FBSM, but I would love to hear from an escort and maybe a BDSM Mistress. But I also think it would be cool to see someone interview YOU! Do you think Sabrina would ever want to turn it around and put you in the “hot seat”?” — Dave from Fresno

Well, I can’t speak for Sabrina, but I might be willing to be the subject of an interview in the future. And I do think it would be fun to have someone who knows me well—like Sabrina—conducting the interview. I’m sure she would ask some really interesting questions! Lol.

I do hope to be conducting a number of interviews in the next few months. Some may be presented as written posts (some people don’t want to be on camera). But I do want to do more “Spotlight” video features. I do want to interview some escorts, as well as people from the BDSM world. And I hope to do some features on other things, such as support organizations. The response to the interview has been very positive and while it was a lot of work, it is proving to be well worth it.