‘Tis The Season: Gifts for Sex Workers

The turkey and pies are all eaten, the guilt of over indulgement has set is, and the decorations are going up. ’Tis the season for gift giving. So many gifts to buy for spouses, children, siblings, and parents (and all those other relatives you’ve got!). Time to pick out things for old friends and a coworker or two. But it is also time to a buy a few things for your favorite Sex Worker. Can’t forget about them!

For some people the entire point of transactional sex is to enjoy sex without any obligations or attachments. You pay, you play, you part. Simple. But for a lot of us, we enjoy building relationships and friendships with the providers we see. We view our connections with sex workers as being much more intimate than just paying for a service. We want to get to know them and have them get to know us. This is not just disposable sex.

So that means when this time of year rolls around, we need to find a gift or two for the ladies that take great care of us during the year.

Some clients like to bring a gift of some kind every time they see certain ladies, others give gifts on special occasions, and some of us just like to surprise a lady from time to time. But Christmas-time is definitely the time when all of us should be giving something extra to our favorite ladies (or at least a couple of them).

What To Give

Deciding what gift to give to a favorite provider can be difficult. Or really easy.

Last year I happen to just stumble upon a gift for my ATF (All Time Favorite provider). I was actually shopping for my fathers birthday gift when I found this item. It just seemed to scream out that it was made for her, so I bought it and held onto it for a couple of months. The lesson here is applicable to buying gifts for anyone in your life—when you find the perfect gift, buy it and save it for the right time.

But often, picking out gifts can be much more difficult. Do you buy her something that is specific to sex work, such as lingerie? Or do you get her something she can use in her everyday life? Some of this depends on how well you know her, how open she has been about her life with you. If she loves to talk about cooking and is always posting pictures online of the food she’s made, then buying her something special for the kitchen is totally cool. But if she never talks about that, it’s best that you put down that fancy frying pan unless you want her to smack you in the head with it.

If you can, pick out gifts that best suit her personality and interests. If all you really know is that she loves dressing sexy, then by all means buying some nice lingerie. It’s also okay to get her something practical to her work, especially as a second gift. Lingerie and $100 Chevron card could be a nice touch, especially if she has to drive a ways to get to you. I know of one gentleman who actually gave a lady a gift of new tires for her car because she travels so much. She loved it because she knew it meant he had been paying attention to her needs.

Amazon has made a lot of this so much easier. Their gift registry has made it a simple process to send gifts to those ladies you love. So you should definitely ask your favorites if they have gift wish lists on Amazon.

Who To Give To

So who should you give gifts to this Christmas? If you only see one or two ladies, then this s a pretty easy question. If you see a dozen different ladies on a regular basis, this can become a much more difficult proposition.

Unless you have a lot of resources to apply to gift-giving, I think it’s best to stick to giving gifts at Christmas to just a small number of ladies, maybe even just one.

If you have a true favorite lady, someone you see all the time or someone who is truly special to you, then it’s pretty obvious that you should get her something this time of year. IT you have a few favorites, then perhaps you need to narrow it down a bit.

Who you give a gift to should not be about who you see the most, but about which ladies have impacted you the most. Who has stood out? Which lady was there for you when you needed someone to talk to? Who helped you through something difficult this year? Who was most patient with you when you were a dumbass (it happens to all of us)? Who went the extra mile to make you feel wonderful this year? Those are the ladies who truly deserve the gifts, whether you saw them dozens of times or just once or twice. A gift should make someone feel special, so pick out the ladies that have made you feel special.

When To Give

Any time between Thanksgiving and New Years is acceptable for giving these gifts. If you know you are going to see the lady that you are favoring with a present, give it to her at the start of a session. If you’re not sure when you’ll see her, send it to her. This is where Amazon’s wish lists are great, since the ladies can set things up so that gifts can be sent directly to them without having to give out their own address. I also know of a few ladies who maintain P.O. Boxes so that people can send them gifts while still maintaining their own personal security (a very smart idea in this business).

But do make your best effort to give a lady her Christmas gift during the holiday season. Waiting until March makes you look bad most of the time.
So guys, show your ladies a little appreciation this season. Make them feel special. Spoil them a little if you’re able. Hopefully every lady will get a a gift or two this year from her clients. I know that I have a few gifts to send, especially to a certain favorite of mine who has been a huge support to me this year.


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