2018 Blog Report

Since this was the first year of operation for The ValleyScott Blog there is nothing for me to compare 2018 to. But I can honestly say that this year has surpassed almost every expectation and desire I had for the Blog.

I have published over 100 posts in the last 8 months.  Thirty people subscribe to the Blog–a number I need to increase.  I have had a few people contribute material, though this has not worked out as well as hoped.  And there have been 175 comments left on Blog posts.

My Christmas Reader Appreciation Giveaway was a big success, giving away four $25 Amazon Gift Cards to some fans of the Blog.

Since I published my first post in April, I have watched the site gain more and more visitors each month. It went from just a handful in that first week to hundreds of visitors a week. Over the past 3 months, the Blog was averaging well over 300 visitors a week! December was my most active month yet, with 9,181 total page views from 1,631 visitors.

In total, The ValleyScott Blog had 9,383 total visitors for 2018, with 52,089 total views.

The most viewed post was “Review: YesBackPage” with 1,630 views.

The least viewed post was “Memorial Day” with only 16 views.

All in all, I could not be happier about how well the Blog has done. I’ve seen continuous growth throughout the year and I feel as if I have a good idea of what material I need to create more of in the future.

Blog Finances

If there is one area where The Blog has not done well it is the finances. To date I only have 3 monthly supporters. This brings in a total of $22.40 per month. That is not much to work with.

My efforts to get advertisers have not been successful at all. When I opened up availability for providers to advertise their personal websites I only got 2 advertisers. And those ads did not generate any useful traffic for the providers who posted those ads. As such, I discontinued that type of advertising.

The built-in advertising from my web host has only generated $1.94 for 2018. And since they only pay out when revenue reaches 100 dollars, it’s going to be quite a while before I see a check! Lol.

To date, The Blog has brought in just $150.46 in funding. Expenditures for 2018 were over $700. So this has not been a financially successful year. I do hope that 2019 will see an improvement on this situation, but only time will tell. But the reality is that I do this as a “labor of love”, not as a business. While I would be ecstatic if I could earn enough to work this Blog full-time, the reality is that this particular dream is unlikely to come true.

Going Forward

I am hoping to make some changes going forward with The Blog. Looking back at what have been the most successful posts of 2018 is helping me to decide what topics to put most of my focus on in the year to come.  There are going to be some new features being highlighted in the coming months, with a big focus on helping the community and connecting with more people and resources.

I do hope to see a significant increase in funding in the next few months. If not, then I may have to make some serious changes in how much time and effort I can put into this endeavor.

I would like to conduct more interviews in 2019, as well as produce more video content.

I will be doing more Giveaways to my readers, including one in January.

I am extremely excited for the prospects of 2019. I look forward to entertaining, educating, serving, and fighting for our community. I am proud to be an advocate and voice for Sex Workers and their clients. Happy New Year, and may it be a fun, safe, and wonderful adventure for all of you!