Answering Your Questions #15

Time for another round of Answering Your questions:

Do ladies ever ask you to bring things with you to a “date”? Like, not sexual stuff, but like normal everyday things you wouldn’t normally think of when going to have sex with someone. —— Todd, San Jose, California

Over the years I’ve been asked to bring all sorts of stuff to sessions. Condoms are among the most common items. But non-sex related are actually more common.

Quarters. That one confused me. A lady once asked if I could bring $20 of my donation in quarters. So I did. Turns out it made total sense. She was a traveling lady and needed quarters for the laundry-mat. I’ve also been asked if I could pick up a bottle of laundry detergent. Shampoo has been a request. Tacos. That worked out well, as we had some lunch together after our playtime. Various other food and drink. A phone-charger. Now that I think about it, I have quite a list.

And really, this all makes sense if you think about it. Many ladies are traveling, or very busy with work, regular jobs, children, etc. So if they can get a guy to pick up a small item or run a little errand for them, then why not? Personally, I don’t mind at all. And I think it helps to create a good rapport with the lady. These small gifts often cost very little. I’ve never spent more than $20, but they end up meaning a lot to the ladies. So I think it is a good policy to do it. The ladies always say thank you!
What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you during a session with an escort? Did it ruin it or make it better? —— Miss Lisa, New York

I once had a bed break underneath myself and an escort. It happened at a very inopportune moment and sent us both tumbling to the floor. We both ended up laughing so hard that we had to take a break. But we soon returned to our fun, more relaxed than before, so it led to a good session.


I recently had a session get interrupted by an emergency phone call to my escort from her kids school. She apologized, gave me back most my money and hustled me out the door so she could leave. Do things like this happen often? How many times have you had dates end abruptly? —— “New Hobbyist”, Fresno California

Session interruptions are an unfortunate reality. They happen from time to time. I too have had a session end due to an emergency phone call about a providers child. The good ladies put their children first. I am glad that your lady did the right thing by giving you back some money. I’ve also had a date get interrupted by a fire alarm in a hotel. That put an end to that date, which had barely started. In that case the lady did not give me anything back. “Shit happens” is what she told me as she walked to her car.

But the worst—and best—interruption I ever experienced was with my favorite lady. I will keep the details private, but say that she was just getting started with her massage when something happened that necessitated her stopping. This led to me spending a couple of hours taking care of her. In the end she was okay and we got together again that night. But that time we spent together talking and me trying to help her was one of the best times I ever spent with her. So it was bad, but it ended up be a pivotal moment that has led to us having a great friendship.