Help for Miss Chanel

A member of our community was attacked on Saturday, September 21st by someone who she thought she could trust.  This is just another example of the senseless, unjustified, and horrible treatment that Sex Workers endure on a terribly routine basis.

Miss Chanel was injured in the attack, but thankful did not incur any broken bones or life threatening injuries.  Unfortunately she will be unable to work for a time while she heals.

The two pictures below were taken just two days apart:

Here is Miss Chanel’s Instagram post about her attack.


Please consider being a miracle to Miss Chanel by sending her a gift through PayPal.  You can also send her encouragement on Instagram or by commenting below.

These attacks on Sex Workers need to stop.  But until they do, our community needs to step up and help out the victims of this violence.  Ladies like Miss Chanel should never have to feel shame, embarrassment, or judgement for the work they do, nor the awful things that happen to them.

Miss Chanel’s PayPal:


Thank you.

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