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Are you interested in advertising on The ValleyScott Blog?  Awesome!  We are interested in having you!

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Your company can advertise on The ValleyScott Blog.  Good advertising is all ablout getting your company’s name in front of the right potential customers.  So if you have goods or services that you think our readers would find valuable, why not advertise here.

Over the past six months the Blog has averaged about 8,500 total page views per month (over 10,000 in May) and 1,400 unique monthly visitors (over 1,800 in May). While these numbers are small compared to most websites in our community, they also represent a very specific action. These are people looking for information.  30% of these page views are related to people looking for information about other Sex Work related websites.  This makes The ValleyScott Blog a great place to advertise YOUR website.

Your ad will run on the sidebar of most pages and posts on The ValleyScott Blog.  This will give you maximum exposure during the thousands of page visits we get each month.  The Blog is very well respected and used by both Sex Workers and their Clients.

Current advertising rates are $100 per month, with discounts for 6- or 12-month ad buys.

Please contact the site Administrator for any questions or to inquire about advertising.  Contact

Thank you.