Happy Birthday Sabrina!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Here is a little video I put together in your honor:


And of course, there were some out-takes:


I hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled day.  Many blessings to you my dear friend. I love you and miss you!  I’m glad we got to celebrate a little early. Happy Birthday!!!!!


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  1. Oh Dear,
    You Are So Funny,Thank You For The Wonderful Thoughtful Wishes. You Really Touched My Heart. I know You Do Your Best Just To Make Sure I Smile Each Day.

    Thank You My Dear Friend. You Are Such an Amazing Man. May Greatness Fullfil Your Soul & Mind, May Your Wishes Be Granted Someday. May The Sun Fulfill Your Laughter & Happiness With Warmth.

    May Your Hopes & Dreams Shine Upon The Goals You Set Each Day,
    Let All The Goodness & Love You Give Us All Be Fulfilled With Your Words & Stories. Even To The Ones Who Have A Hard Time Understanding.

    What You Do Is From A True Gentle-Man. You Are One Who Has Shown Many How To LOVE, How To Be KIND & How To Be UNDERSTANDING
    You Are A TRUE Gentle-Man Who Lives Up To HIS Name By His Words & Doing.

    All You Do For Many & To Help Others Just To Please Yourself…
    Its The Kindness Of Your Heart That Makes You The Perfect Gentle-Man.

    A Gentle-Man Is Not Selfish. You Are Not At All Selfish.

    I Wish The Best For You.I Wish All The Happiness For You.


    I litterally Can’t Find The Proper Words To Put In Order, Just To be Able To Wish Upon All You Are & All You Deserve, I Love You My Dear Friend.

    Tank Juice
    For Being So Kind & Thoughtful To Me & To Others. Thank You For Doing What I Knew You Would Be A Master At.

    I Know What I am Saying All The Ladies Would Agree When I Say You Are The Best. Thank You For Seeing The Good In Us All.Thank You For Inspiring Many & Giving Many More The Opportunity To Share Their Stories.

    One More Thing!
    Thank You! ValleyScott.
    For Your Inspiring Blogs. You Are an Angel… Muah 👄
    With Many Hugs & Kisses We All Send You.
    Sabrina Luv.

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