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My best friend needs help.

I don’t know any other way to put it.

My best friend, Miss Sabrina Luv, is in need of immediate assistance.

While this has been a tough year for her, she never asks for help.  But now things have taken an unexpected and vicious turn of events.

The father of her children, whom she was working closely with to co-parent their kids, has turned his back on his family for some reason.  In doing so he has taken all of the family’s money & resources.  He is providing no help for Sabrina or her children.

Currently she has no money, no car, no credit cards, and no resources.  She is now asking for help from the community.

Sabrina Luv has always been a huge supporter of our community.  She has helped many ladies in their times of need.  She is a friend, a healer, a confidant, and a coach to those who need help.  Now is our chance to return the favor.

I am personally asking my readers to contribute.  Sabrina was the first person to support this blog, and has been my muse & cheerleader throughout my work.  Now she needs my help and I am asking you to join in.

Sabrina is an amazing mother who puts her children first.  They are the most important thing in the world to her.  Watch the video below to see her talk about how important her kids are to her.

I have created a GoFundMe page to help her.  There are also ways you can send her money directly.

I also beg you to post links to this post and to the GoFundMe page on your websites and Social Media.

GoFundMe Page:


Or give directly to Sabrina:






Please help my friend. Please be a friend to Sabrina Luv.

Watch Sabrina talk about the challenge of being a mother & a provider:


Learn more about Sabrina Luv by watching all the videos from my interview with her:

Spotlight: Sabrina Luv


Thank you!



    1. It’s ironic that you would mention karma while you are kicking somebody while they’re down. Don’t worry, I know who you really are. Your time is coming. You’ve just added to your own extensive collection of bad karma.

    2. Oh yeah how would it be karma ? I didnt take someone money from the bank, let alone had cause a burden on their family.. lol. Pretty stupid. Now if I robbed like you and others claim I did, then that would be karma.. lol stupid a$$

  1. This is Monroe Mackie. The very one. Lol. And it’s good to have my loud mouth on your side. I cannot understand. Never this cruelty.

    There is nothing more wrong in this industry than the root of the problem of course: the biz model, then the unnatural lack of an honor system among colleagues. I don’t particularly like nor agree with the author of this blog but I was drawn into your struggle.

    I’m a 20 year provider. I’m 40. And back in the day it was a big secret to be independent. I wanted to fight to learn and the struggles to this day I have I wanted , I and continue to take some of the most ungrateful , poisonous girls that men if they only knew…. I took in because I was ONCE USED BY AGENCIES, MADAMES cuz I was homeless.

    The reality is there’s been a 67% reduction in business. And a 90% increase in the men finding us.

    There is not enough of this. What you two are doing. But then again how will we ever survive in this industry if people are lying on their stats, hating on other girls WHERE DO THEY FIND THE TIME?

    Sabrina I live in NYC. I can’t take a child in. But you have a place to work and a girl , who’s rather smart, to partner with here. My number is 917-808-7185 and I can only publish my biz #

    Please … I have heard and myself I’m always in a snowball. It seems we snowballs have an avalanche that us ever constant bringing us down. .

    What no one knows is that our worst day is an office job massacre. But we do this. Most of us because we actually believe in the human spirit.

    Well here’s a biz perspective on why your funding may not be met with as much as it needs :

    So please. This is only meant to comfort.

    It’s August. This is vacation time. We girls are really suffering. I mean upper echelon do. Most my guys are married. Combine with family time thoughts of us become guilt.

    I would suggest maybe getting a dba. Men are more likely up give to a legit biz with a discrete name. This actually costs in nys 150. Hey you get a biz.

    In my experiences doing gofundme never served well. I did come up wth an idea on OTHER GIRLS DOING THEM FOR ANOTHER GIRL. I seem to think this would work. If this runs dry I’m happy to help you from my own personal perspective on which I shared WITH some girls on Switter that we never test drove.

    I have a few other ideas. But truthfully my theory is men do not come out to support. I don’t understand it.

    But I am amidst still trying to build a site amongst my own woes lol to try to mend what’s left I can .

    Smh it’s too bad I cannot get anyone to listen and fund my final idea on how to heal this model.

    A feature article on you would work.

    In general if girls built their sites more interactive like Ludwig and the gent who runs this we can do what I’m happy to try. I’ll blog this with direct links under a new page I will build : Helping Others.

    Being an example isn’t enough. Whether you are a cautionary tale or exemplary in business .

    How odd. Because that’s how the actual world works.

    I’d like to put you in touch with a few people I am connected to. This isn’t the first story I’ve heard like this

    Men will continue to take as long as we don’t unite.

    Justice is in numbers.

    You’re in my heart. Please contact me. X

  2. Well thank you very much for reaching out.
    Well unlike others I don’t get bothered by the childish act this girl tends to do. I have gotten threats and threats and as much time as she spends on me worrying about my moves. It’s sad.. the whole karma things well I doubt that’s what is happening here. I would love to hear what you are trying to make happen.

    I have had alot of Gentle-Men come forward and help out in their own way. Many are not using the go fund me but have used the paypal and cashapp. It’s amazing how many support what I’m dealing with.
    Unlike some of the ladies when the market hit and were out of work. And many would not bother sharing the new site.
    They might of been scared knowing that clients would head somewhere else instead of coming to them as usual.

    What’s funny is that I have helped many of these ladies in their time of need. And to see no reaction of any type reaching out amazes me..
    Even my worse enemy decides to say something.. lol .. at least I know she cares.. lol
    It’s a brush off my shoulders
    Never understood why it is so easy for some of these girls to turn against eachother.
    They are not looking out for anyone but only making themselves look very selfish minded.

    Whatever I dont dwell on hate or negetive feed back..
    For each their own .. I guess.

    But yes I will contact you soon.
    Bless you all and if one day my worst enemy ever needs help . I will always be Sabrina Luv.
    Spreading the luv to support her too. Dont worry I hold nothing against what she does not know.

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