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In addition to basic advertising, your company can become an Official Sponsor of The ValleyScott Blog.

What does this mean?

Basically, your sponsorship of the Blog will open up opportunities for your company, website, and services to be promoted by the Blog–both here on this website and across multiple social media platforms.

Your ad will appear on almost all pages and posts on the sidebar.  An additional ad will appear within the the body of selected posts each month (your sponsorship level determines how many posts per month).  Your company & website will also be listed on our Sponsors Page.  And The ValleyScoptt Blog will promote your site on all our Social Media accounts.

This is a great way for your company or organization to help our community through sponsoring one of the only websites that serves both Sex Workers and Clients by bringing quality, informative material to the people.  Your company will also get quality advertising on a website that is unique and respected.

Over the past 6 months the Blog has averaged over 8,500 total monthly views by over 1,400 unique visitors.  Both April and May exceeded those numbers. These are quality views and visits by people who are searching for the best information they can get about websites and issues affecting the people in the Sex Work community.  These visitors are a fairly even mix of both Sex Workers and Clients (as well as a few people who are just curious).  This is fairly unique within the community, since most other blogs & information websites cater to just one group.

Please consider supporting the work of The ValleyScott Blog through a sponsorship.  Sponsorship can start at as little as $150 per month.  Every sponsorship agreement is unique, so you can decide how you want to help.

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