Valley’s Vault

This is just a little spot on the site for me to share more personal things, including my personal bio, news about my life, an apology, and other things that I think might interest people.


About Me: Scott Valley

Learn a little bit about the man behind the blog: Who is ValleyScott?

Why I Write

I often get asked why I created this site and write this blog: Why I Write

An Apology to Miss Sabrina

Recently I made a huge mistake and broke a major rule of etiquette.  I have written here a public apology for my transgression to my dear friend, Miss Sabrina.  I am very grateful for her kind reply to it.  I hope that other clients can learn from my mistake.  I know that we can all learn from Miss Sabrina’s grace and class.  Apology

Personal Posts

Here are some of the posts from this blog that are of a more personal nature.  These are posts that are as much about me as they are the world of CTS:

“Life Happens”

Sometimes the things we have to do get in the way of the things we want to do.

Surprises in CTS (part 2): Someone Who Listens

Sex Workers can sometimes be the best therapists.


The perfect lady doesn’t exist.  But you can still find a lady perfect for you.

Not Fan Mail

Some people are just filled with hate.