Writers Wanted

We are looking for a few new people to contribute posts for The ValleyScott Blog.  You don’t need to have experience as a published writer, though you should be a decent writer.  What we really want are people who can bring different perspectives about the CTS Community.  Contributors write 1 to 3 posts per month.  They may or may not have a regular posting day.  Posts are usually between 500-1,000 words long.

We are specifically looking for the following:

LGBTQ Issues

Primarily looking for a sex worker who is art of and/or serves the LGBTQ community.  The idea here is to both address isues important to that segment of the CTS Community, and help inform the larger community about LGBTQ Sex Work.

Female Provider Insights

Looking for another female provider to write posts that take readers inside the life and work of a female Sex Worker.

Hobbyist Insight

Looking for a male Hobbyist to contribute insights into the world of CTS.

Male Provider Insights

What is it like to be man in the and a Sex Worker?  Tell us!


If you are interested in contributing posts to The ValleyScott Blog, please contact ValleyScott: Contact